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Two-Gun Pixie

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Held at  Itty-Bitty Gun Points!


Salutations brave survivors

of the Nerd Wasteland!

Welcome to Two-Gun Pixie, located deep within the Nerd Wasteland.  

This is your interwebz home for all things nerdy, geeky, and dorkish.  We hold a dark and twisted mirror right up to the face of nerd culture  while putting our cigar out in the coffee of geek loves.

- Check out our Two-Gun Pixie Radio page and catch up with all the  hyper-hysterical podcasts produced by 2GP.

"Stormtoopin' with Unit 13: Tales from the Empire" follows a group of stormtroopers tasked with capturing Princess Leia before the Tantive IV reaches Tatooine.

"Call of Cult 13!: Sex, Drugs, & Cthulhu" is the rockin' tale of a NYC band in 1977 who faces off against the The King in Yellow.

"PxPPxP: Panel by Panel, Page by Page " is a comic book lovers paradise.  Each episode you'll be taken through a series of comic books literally.

- Legendary Gaming covers our official reviews of tabletop boardgames, dice games, card games, and tactical miniatures combat games. Get all your gaming over views and reviews staright from the Pixie's lips. 

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- The Imaginarium Phantasmagoria is home to original fiction and artwork with a darkly urban twist and violent blend of the supernatural.

- Two-Gun Blog is the mad ramblings of an old grognard.  Read about whatever nerdy topic crosses our minds; Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Comic Books, Role Playing Games, Chicken Boo... whatever.

- Geek Gallery contains original nerd-related memes including Wil Wheaton Wednseday, Bazinga Monday, Two-Gun Pix, and The Most Interesting D&D Player in the World.

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Wanderers of the Nerd Wastelands UNITE!!!

In a rebellious move to regain power over the Nerd Wasteland Delia has dealt a decisive blow over the dread forces of the Dark Lords of the Silence! 

Control over the content of the Nerd Wasteland's Pinterest page has been wrestled away from the dark necromancer, Master Konn'trol Pro-Gramm.

Now YOU decide what images are posted to the Two-Gun Pixie pinterest page. 

Each month we'll post the image (or images) from our Facebook page that has the most likes and the most shares.



As any good, old school grognard can tell you,

every great adventure starts in a tavern...


     Delia, Pixie Princess of the Highborn Fairy Kingdom, Ninth of her name, First Champion of the Seven Fey Crowns, Commander of the Dire Dragonfly Calvary, and Heir to the Ancient Line of Avalon spits up her own sparkly pink blood as she spins back and lands face first hunched over the bar.  Her blood lands in several drinks while painting a large splatter across the top of the rosewood bar.  The jawas, munchkins, hobbits, eloi, house elves, and minions scramble off their stools and chairs in a mad dash for the exit.  Unfortunately, there are few places out in the Nerd Wastelands one can call safe.  

     As Delia lifts her head to turn towards the cave troll attacking her, an uppercut sends the pixie princess flipping head over heals over the counter.  With flawless agility Delia twists midair and lands on her feet facing her attacker.  A quick flip of her head whips back her long wavy pansy-colored hair and she readjusts her smiley face eyepatch with a sly smirk stretching across her red lips.  An angry snarl bursts from the cave troll as it lifts both of its massive fists high and swings down like a ten-ton warhammer.  Delia backpedals with a coyish giggle and leaps into the air.  The devestating blow splinters the bar into a moist wooden pulp of alchohol and blood soaked tinder.  Delia's four insect wings keep her fluttering in the air as she flits away from the monster. 

     The cave troll roars with feral rage and it charges the pixie princess as strings of spittle and drool trail out of the corner of its mouth.  Delia shrinks down to her true pixie size and becomes a bullet-like blur of movement.  She flies like a purple-haired silhouette at the cave troll.  Easily zipping past wildly flailing fists she draws her twin pink pistols, Dewdrop and Snowflake.  Although this isn't her first dance with a cave troll she realizes even her enchanted guns won't easily


penetrate the cave troll's rocky, thick hide.  She dodges fists,

maw, and spittle as she buzzes away from each attack.  Frustrated rage throttles the cave troll like a dark master and with a glass-shattering roar it swings wildly at the black and pink pixie silhouette. 

     Delia laughs at the opening her enemy has just given her and she flies directly at him. 

     The cave troll didn't even know he was dead. 

     Yes, Delia knows all to well how thick a cave troll's skin and muscles were.  She also knows that their insides are not as well protected. 

     Emptying both clips Delia flies into the cave troll's open mouth in mid-roar.  In an explosion of black blood and brain bits Delia erupts in a gory mess from the back of the cave troll's now hollow skull.  Her wings buzz as they quickly shake the troll blood off.  She grows back to her human size and lands in a chair at a large round table.  She holsters her enchanted pink pistols as troll-gore drips out of her pansy hair splatting on the table.  Delia reaches down onto the table and flicks a chunk of brain off of her playing cards and picks them up.  Her other hand picks up the short, fat cigar stub in the ashtray in front of her and places it in the corner of her mouth.  She takes a long, satisfying drag and slowly releases the smoke.  She gazes up over her cards and past the cigar spawned miasma and stares at her opponents. 

     Silently the others glance back and forth between each other.  A sense of agreement settles over the Stormtrooper,  Klingon, Cyberman, Skrull, Parademon, Cylon, and Chicken Boo...

     Perhaps the cave troll was wrong. 

     Maybe this pixie wasn't cheating? 

Big John Galvin has been activly running rpg games for 35 years.  He's spent decades leading players through twisted dungeons, radioctive lands, the American Old West, the espionage of the Cold War, the deepest depths of space, Chicago's Roaring 20's evading federal agents, the heart of super-villain-infested cities, the pirate-filled seven seas, and a world of darkness filled with vampires, werewolves, magi, changelings, and wraiths.

Comic books, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Role Playing Games have been intergral parts of his life as long as he can remember. 


Meet Big Johnny G!

Meet Tommy V.

Hi, I'm Tommy.

I went to school, I have a job, I am a nerd.

Thank you very much. 

Have a great day.

Meet the 20-Sided Warriors

The 20-Sided Warriors are a diverse group of friends, most of whom are new to RPGing, some of whom haven't played in years, and a few who are regular gamers.

The two different groups play the game in two very different ways.

I think you'll find our Call of Cult 13! group are more direct and, at times, combative.

On the other hand our Unit 13 group are less seious and much more open to discussions and open dialogue.

Both groups are unpredictable and prone to bouts of awesomness. 

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